i re-read all my old entries. and i think it's safe to say, i miss me. i miss lil' ol' idealist me. i miss the me that loved love and was in the thick of it. i missed the me who lived life by the second, not the month. i miss the me who was resourceful. i miss the me who missed the me i was before i became "jaded". i miss my laugh and my twinkle. i miss walking into a room and knowing i own it, not questioning whether i'll run into anyone i know. that's not to say i miss smith. or the me i was there. but, i miss the confidence that comes with saying, "fuck you. take me or leave me." cause, on the whole, most people took. and those that didn't weren't worth my time.

so... i'm going back to i. some of you call me asshole, others dana, i call me home.

08 May, 2003 - 13:16

behind - ahead