do you want to know if i still love you? do you need to feel that security? you claim my actions are about power but look at your own. was that question really about me getting some control or about you losing your hold? i'm not yours anymore. i'm me. as in mine.

maybe there will come a time when i can be a better person and give you a call and we can talk like old lovers do, but that isn't today. or any time in the near future.

i think you're an amazing woman, Chance. If there comes a time when you really need me... then you know i will always be there for you. But i'm no good at small talk. i never have been. And i'm no good at keeping in touch when i can't / won't touch (your heart / mind / soul).

but you can still inspire entry after entry. You have a hold on me that won't let go, even after you and i already have.

i loved you too much. that's why i have to be this way now.

07 May, 2003 - 01:10

behind - ahead